アドレス(URL): http://www.ghetto-empire.com/
居住地: United States
誕生日: 1979年 11月 3日


INTERVIEW. I moved to San Francisco when I was 16 years old, and I’ve lived in Chicago for 9 years from 17 years old. I’m pretty famous in downtown Chicago. I decided to represent Chicago after living there for 3 years. My friends, who are like my brothers, in Chicago asked me to write lyrics about Chicago. And they loved the lyrics that I wrote. They asked me to try to write songs that would get on the charts in Chicago, so I started to write lyrics in Chicago. I just write about real experience, things that really happened, just like a diary. I found myself in the middle of some gun fights. I got arrested and thrown in jail. And on and on. Americans obviously can’t understand my lyrics when I write in Japanese, so I also write in English so they can understand 100% of what I’m trying to say. Of course, my music’s understood and appreciated in Chicago. I don’t know if it suits Japanese tastes or not though. My music has a good rep in Chigago. Of course I also write in Japanese. It’s just that I write about things that aren’t part of reality in Japan, which could make my songs difficult for Japanese to really understand. Everything I write about is real, so it could have a big impact on your life! I’m proud of myself because I’ve worked hard and earned the respect and approval of the people of Chicago. There really aren’t many Japanese who have earned respect in the American ghettos, are there? I’m thinking that in the future I want to perform and be active in not only the US, but also Japan. I don’t know much about anywhere but Chicago, but in Chicago there are amazing, gifted people all around me, and I want to continue to make connections there. I’m starting with the album I’m making now. I can only express so much by myself with just my lyrics, so my producers and other talented members of my crew support me. They are members of Chicago’s talented elite. I believe there aren’t many producers who could make such perfect beats that fit my lyrics so perfectly. He is a really talented producer who makes perfect beats that really match my lilycs. If you listen to my music and judge for yourself, I think you’ll understand the power of my lyrics. In the end, it’s the people of Chicago that give testimony to my talent and my lifestyle! I can’t let myself fall behind. The reason for this is that I’ve got to give my lyrics and sacrifice my life for my friends and for my brothers who have passed away. If I don’t succeed, I can’t give my friends jobs, can I? (lol) Anyway, that’s my crew, and I’ll put real hip-hop out into the world with them. In the end, it’s the people of Chicago that give testimony to my talent and my lifestyle! I can’t let myself fall behind. The reason for this is that I’ve got to give my lyrics and sacrifice my life for my friends and for my brothers who have passed away. If I don’t succeed, I can’t give my friends jobs, can I? (lol) Anyway, that’s my crew, and I’ll put real hip-hop out into the world with them. [japanese translation.] 16歳時にサンフランシスコに渡米して、17歳から、現在まで約9年間シカゴに滞在しています。 ダウンタウンの中で結構名前は有りますよ。シカゴに住みようになってから約三年でシカゴの看板を、背負うことを決意しました。 というのも、シカゴの仲間に、シカゴの曲を書くことを頼まれて書いたのですが、書いた曲を仲間が気に入ってくれたんですよ。 その頃、仲間からシカゴの看板を背負って曲を書いてくれと頼まれて、シカゴで曲を書くようになりました。 内容は、全て実際に起きたことを日記感覚で、事実のみを書いています。 銃の撃ち合いに巻き込まれたこと。シカゴで捕まり牢屋に入ったこと。その他もろもろ・・・・。 それと、日本語で書いては向こうでは理解されないので、英語でも書いて100%の理解をいつも求めてます。 もちろん、シカゴでは理解されていますし、みんな気に入ってくれてますよ。日本人の耳に合うかはさて置きね! シカゴでは、かなりよい評判を得ています。 もちろん日本語でも書いてますよ。ただ、どうしても、曲の内容は、日本では非現実的なことなので、理解してもらうのはなかなか難しいかもしれませんね。 ただ、全て現実のことを書いていますので、インパクトは大きいかもしれませんね! それだけのことをしてきた自信はありますし、シカゴの人も僕のことを認めてくれていますからね。 アメリカのスラムで日本人を認めてくれた例は、あまりないのではないでしょうか? 今後の流れとしては、舞台をアメリカだけではなく、日本でも活動したいと思っています。 僕はシカゴしか知りませんが、僕の周りにはいい素質を持った人が大勢居ますのでどんどん絡んでいきたいと思ってます。 そのスタートが、今制作中のアルバムです。今回もそうですが、僕は詞だけでは表現できないことをプロデューサーや強力なメンバーがサポートしてくれています。彼等も僕の言う素質を持つ同じグループのメンバーです。 僕の詞にここまで合った曲を作ってくるのは、なかなか居ないと思っていますよ。 完璧に僕のイメージの音を仕上げてくるかなり有能なプロデューサーです。 実力は、曲を聴いて判断してもらえればわかると思います。 最後に、僕を期待し、そして僕の生活、事実を証明するのはシカゴの人間! 僕は後には引けないんですよ。 理由は、今の僕のRAP、そしてlifeは、仲間に捧げ、今は亡き仲間にも与えなければいけないものなのですからね。 僕が成功しないと、仲間に仕事あげられないでしょ?(笑) とにかく、そんなメンバーとともに、本物のHIP-HOPを世に出していきますよ。


Sun-Moon Entertainment.(President&CEO)

Deprive is a rapper out of Japan who reps Chicago.
Why would a Japanese artist be representing Chicago?
The 26 years old rapper has so far given Chicago 9 years of his life, having moved there at the age of 17.

His determination and motivation was given a respect to him by his brothers, the friends who supported him. Deprive spent his childhood moving all around Japan because his father was often transferred for work.
After he entered high school, he began hip hop dance and also rap.

Around that time, Deprive felt a strong desire to "start over again”.
He had never had any close childhood friends or any real hometown due to his family’s repeated moves. He felt that there was no real place for him in Japan.

Even though he couldn’t speak a word of English, Deprive left Japan for America with the simple goal of creating a place for himself. Although he did attend a high school there, that wasn’t the main reason for his move. Also at this time, Deprive began questioning the phixion (fiction) which is present in all poetry and verse.

When he moved to U.S.A. he first lived in San Francisco and went to a local school. His school life began smoothly, or as smoothly as could be expected for someone who didn’t speak much English. Then Deprive suddenly quit his San Francisco school.

He had heard that there were no Asians in Chicago. Even though the source of this information was unreliable, he took off for Chicago because he wanted to live somewhere where there weren’t any Asians.

Deprive also went to school in Chicago, and in Chicago he experienced many new things. Compared to life in San Francisco, life in Chicago was unpleasant and difficult. There are many poor people and the crime rate was high. Deprive was sometimes doing bad things, and experienced poverty that he had never tasted in Japan. He also experienced fear.

However, Deprive was quickly accepted by his new neighbors in Chicago. He released his 1st album “Nonpxion”, soon followed by his 2nd Album “You like?” (“You like” was recorded using only live instruments, no sampling). These first two albums were produced in Japanese. They became big hits among only people of maniac in Japan, causing him to reflect on himself. The fact that he could only express himself in Japanese began to make him re-consider his life.

Japanese don’t understand that Chicago life is rough. In Chicago, there are guys with guns everywhere, there are homeless people on the street who look dead, there are drug dealers working to support their families. There are many kinds of people in Chicago, creating conflicts and friendships. There’s nothing like it in Japan.

Deprive also noticed a big difference between the way music is listened to in Japan and the U.S.A. Regardless of the quality of beats and flow, main emphasis was always placed on the lyrics in the States.

He began to write English lyrics. Deprive’s biggest source of inspiration at this time was his friends. Though they didn’t always understand his words, they approved. They began to see his talent, often scrambling to get a copy of his newest song, and they always had a smile ready for him.

He started to feel more confident, and his motives changed. Deprive’s music became popular among his friends, downtown homeless people and black people during his second year in Chicago. His friends asked him to make a compilation representing Chicago. With incredible determination, motivated by a desire to repay their kindness, he was able to fulfill their request the next year.

He thought no one would want to hear his music, but when his friends listened to it although they said nothing they reacted with a smile. Obviously this made him want to continue with his work. He re-produced his 1st and 2nd albums, which had only achieved popularity among people of maniac in Japan.

The relation ship of trust between him and his friends deepened steadily, and he continued to experience conditions not found in Japan. There was always crime and trouble on the streets (he was put in jail twice), and he found himself face to face with death many times.

He expressed this reality in Japanese and English in his lyrics. An increasing number of fans began to feel his style. These days there is hardly anyone in the downtown Chicago area who doesn’t know his name.

Nonphixion (nonfiction) is his obsession. He always speaks truth, and his lyrics are like a diary. When his rap begins you can feel the excitement of his presence. He’s always searching for reality, nothing less. Real experience, real life. He has amazing powers of description, his songs don’t contain even the slightest hint of falsehood.

All the friends he’s won, and their trust and expectations. Without a doubt he will be attracting more attention in the future in the States.
Deprive’s straight, positive lyrics and his hard core sound will carry you away. Genuine hip-hop, from Chicago to the world.


MARCH.09.2006. You can download one of his raps from discography.

COMING UP FROM Sun-Moon Entertainment. Deprive / Chi Town Conference (SMENT-001)

In Chi Town, Deprive is known as a talented rapper. Who doesn`t generally like to give interviews.That`s why you have to watch this exclusive video to find out more about this rising star and his life in chi town. The link is provided below.


Deprive / Guess Who's back? /DVD



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Deprive / International Thug (SMENT-002)

【japanese translation.】

Deprive Profile

日本国籍を持ちながらも、シカゴをRepresent(代表)するラッパー Deprive。












そして、一作目のアルバムNonpxionを制作、これに続き、2作目You like?を作成した。(全て生音で制作)





























[japanese translation.]
前作でアメリカサイドで問題になった曲、Dis credit.あるメジャー会社をDepriveがDIS Respectした問題作をWEB限定で配信中。
2006.03.09 曲のダウンロードはdiscographyからできます。
COMING UP FROM Sun-Moon Entertainment. Deprive/Chi Town conference -COMING 2006.03.15.
2006.03.09. あの取材嫌いで表にまったく姿を現さない事で有名なDepriveの貴重なインタビューをWeb限定で配信中。
シブヤテレビジョンON AIR決定。

COMING UP FROM Sun-Moon Entertainment. Deprive / Chi Town Conference (SMENT-001)

Deprive / Guess Who's back? /DVD

July.4.2007 ON SALE!!!
Deprive / International Thug (SMENT-002)